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Jamaica – an island full of history, heritage, and people from all parts and corners of the world... and of course – food. With an island having so much influence from all over the world, it's no wonder that the food is just as original, unique and tasty – boasting of influences from the Spanish, British, East Indian, West African, Portuguese, Chinese, French and the Dutch. One cannot be but fascinated with the rich culinary choices of Jamaica.

The history of Jamaican food starts with the Spanish arriving in 1509 and driving out the original inhabitants (the Arawak Indians.) With the Spanish, came many slaves, which brought their cooking techniques, spices and recipes from Africa to the island. The Spanish Jews also arrived on the island, bringing in their unique dishes (one of the most famous being "Escoveitch Fish" – a vinegary concoction of sorts.) These nations began to mix their recipes in with the island's local fresh produce and seafood choices, creating new dishes.

Jamaica Cabana upholds the rich heritage of food preparation perfected over the years by our ancestors, we pride ourself on offering authentic Jamaican cuisine, no short cuts here. Come in and enjoy!

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